Desktop Email Set Up

You can use any desk top email program for your navalaviator.net account.

When you use a email client program (such as Outlook) the mail is downloaded off the navalaviator.net server and you save room on your online storage.

Generic Setup

  • Account/User Name: complete email address, such as roger.ball@fa18.navalaviator.net
  • Incoming Server type: POP3
  • Incoming mail server: mail.navalaviator.net
  • Outgoing mail server: leave as is (your Internet Servic Provider [ISP] server; see Outgoing Mail Server below) or mail.navalaviator.net

Outlook Express

  1. Click Tools then Accounts
  2. Select Mail Tab, then Add button
  3. Display Name: as you wish
  4. Email address: your complete address e.g. roger.ball@navalaviator.net
  5. Incoming server: POP3
  6. Incoming mail server: mail.navalaviator.net
  7. Outgoing mail server
    • If you are setting email up on your home computer, it is recommended to use your ISP's outgoing email server. This is because all your mail has to go through your outgoing server anyway and it is quicker to have it route the mail than to send it to the navalaviator.net server for routing. Also, if you have email accounts other than navalaviator.net, they may not be routed through the navalaviator.net server. If you have already set up other email accounts leave this alone.
    • For portable computers where you connect to different networks (like at the coffee shop) or for home users who wish to, enter: mail.navalaviator.net
  8. Account Name - enter complete email address, e.g. roger.ball@navalaviator.net
  9. Password - enter password
  10. Click Finish and you're done! Your email will be down loaded automatically everytime you open Outlook

Netscape Mail

  1. Click File then New then Account..
  2. Select "Email Account" then Next
  3. Enter "Your Name" as you would like it to appear on your emails, e.g. "Roger Ball."
  4. Enter your complete email address, e.g. rogerball@navalaviator.net. Click Next.
  5. Click POP and enter mail.navalaviator.net Click Next.
  6. Enter complete email address for username, e.g. rogerball@navalaviator.net.
  7. Account name: enter anything you wish. This is the account label that will appear in the Netscape Side bar window.
  8. Review you settings and click Finish!

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