A Logbook program exclusively for Naval Aviators and Air Force Pilots

Program Updated 15 August 2010

Version 6.7

VISTA Compatable!

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Forget about your spreadsheet, start using this powerful database today!

Instrument Check or ANY APPLICATION data in just a click.

Designed entirely around the way we fly.

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Install on any drive and folder, including networks!

  • Customized and automated flight entry
  • Monthly pages look just like your logbook
  • Log as many types of instrument approaches as you like on any flight
  • Separate Miltary and civilian logs. Civilian totals fully integrated in appropriate reports.
  • Calculate Instrument and other currency data instantly
  • Customize as many fields for NVG's or any other flight time as you want.
  • Import your spreadsheets in minutes.   Choose instrument approach formats on import!
  • Helo Bubbas: Complete tracking of rotary wing time!!
  • Customize for Navy, Marine, USCG and USAF
  • Easy data entry with Yellow Sheet form and custom default entries
  • Instant totals for Instrument Check ride paperwork including request form automatically filled out.
  • CQ currency and requirements for any and all aircraft you fly.
  • Stanx and Instx reminders.
  • Extensive help file including CFR/FAR PIC flight time discussions and references.

 For your next Career

  •  Apply flight time or leg multiples to military flight time.

  •  How long until you have 1,500 of PIC?  Use the goal calculator.
  • Automatic calculation of Pilot in Command time, both Part 1 and Part 61.51
  • Want to know how many hours of Night PIC? Summaries by aircraft type: PIC (part 1 or 61), SIC, Instructor.
  • Over 30 reports. See samples on line.
  • ATP requirements; automatic FAA application; summaries customized for AirApps web application.

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IT'S FREE! So read this.  Also see: System Requirements or What if I don't have MS Access?


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