Import Flights and Simulators from TIMS

All of the CNATRA training squadrons now use the Training Integration Management System (TIMS). Any student or Instructor can download their flight time from TIMS. Flight time is seamlessly imported into the Logbook program.You must use either an NMCI or TRANET computer to access WingStats.

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Request Student or IP access to Wingstats
  2. Export TIMS data to Excel spreadsheet via Wingstats
  3. Import TIMS spreadsheet into Logbook

  1. Request Access to Wingstats

    • From an NMCI or TRANET computer go to https://coc000010m0011/WingStats/WingStats.aspx. You can also find this page by going to the CNATRA homepage https://www.cnatra.navy.mil, clicking the N7 link, then the WingStats Link.
    • On your first visit you will be required to request access. Select your Training Wing and select either Student or IP permissions.
    • It may take a day to grant your permissions
  2. Export TIMS data to Excel via WingStats

  • Log onto WingStats.
  • Select Wing (if required)
  • Select "Flight Hour Reports," then "Individual Flight Hours" WingStats
  • Select Dates: Be sure not to overlap dates or you will have duplicate records.
  • Select Excel Output format

  • Save File As Excel




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