Updated: 15 August 2010 (v 6.7)

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See the Requirements page for operating systems, installation options and recommendations.

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Full (Stand Alone) Version ( Windows XP,Vista, 7 Compatable!)

This version contains all the files needed to run the Logbook program including a runtime version of MS Access. It installs on your computer as a stand alone program. This program can be installed on any drive, including networked computers.

Recommended even if you have MS Access. Since it contains all the required library files, there are no installation errors, the most common problem.

To Download the full registered version (65MB) for $14.95 click here:

Download Free Access Version

The download file below is a self extracting zip file and contains the MS Access database and supporting files. You can unzip to any folder or drive.


  • Upgrade for free by downloading latest version below
  • There isn't a different upgrade file. All users should use the download file below to upgrade.
  • You do not have to re-register to upgrade. Your information is retained.
  • Don't forget to back up your data file before upgrading!

Donations Accepted:

For those who have used Excel or anyone filling out applications, you will appreciate the power of this database.

Can't buy me a beer at the O'Club?Register and support my bar tab. Click the Pay Pal link below or see the registration page for the benefits of paying just $10 for the development of this powerful and versatile program.

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Once you unzip the download, files will be in a new folder \Logbook. 0pen the file: Logbook.mdb.


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