Version 6.7

  • Windows 7 compatable
Posted Dec 2009

 Version 6.3.3

 Posted 6 April 2009

  • Updated TIMS Import: add NVD, Remarks
  • Fixed auto fill for NVD time on Yellow Sheet
Version 6.3.2 Posted 25 January 2009
  • Fixed Registration Bug
Version 6.3 Posted 10 Nov 2008
  • Import from TIMS (CNATRA). See the TIMS page on how to get started.
  • Southwest Airlines Application - includes flight leg multiplier .
  • Improved custom fields.
Version 6.2 Posted 10 Nov 2007
  • CD version modified to install on Microsoft Vista
  • New Graphs:
Version 6.1 Posted 10 Oct 2007
  • Import from Paul Wilt's logbook program. He had a good program, but no longer supports it.
  • Added ability to edit custom fields.
  • Note on logging student dual and solo time: the program defines solo as no copilot time as a student. If you flew a dual hope and log zero for copilot (instructor didn't touch controls) enter 0.0001 as copilot to trick the program. Unless you do this 1,000 times, it won't add anything to your totals. This will get fixed in a future update.

Version 6.0

  • Stand Alone Version - does not require any other programs. Contains all Access runtime components required.
  • Two ways to install:
    • (1) Stand Alone (Full) Version on CD or
    • (2) Access Version zip file via Download or CD
  • Install in any directory or drive. See Requirements for more information.
  • Access Version compatable with all versions of MS Access 2000 and later. (Access 97 users see Version 4.7 below)
  • Custom wings for USN pilot, NFO and Aircrew; also USAF pilot, command pilot and senior pilot
  • Export any spreadsheet or report to Excel or text document.

Version 5.2

  • Automatic data back up during updates.
  • Fixed updating bugs, however Access 2000 users may still have problems.  Microsoft is looking into this problem.   See download information below.
  • Customized graphics for Air Force users.

Version 5.1 (major revision)

  • Add USAF logbook
  • Added Service customization including wings (Naval Aviator; USAF pilot: command pilot and senior pilot)
  • Added Total Time manual input for civilian flight log.
  • Automatic cross check for entered models to ensure consistency.
  • Clarified sortie (=flight leg) and flight (one entry containing one or more flight legs), modified all reports help file
  • Added simulator summary report
  • Choose to use simulator time in instrument check flight time calculations
  • Combined simulator entry with regular flight time entry form.
  • Replaced the calculated Total Time box with a manual input box for the civilian flight logbook.
Version 4.7
  • Last Access 97 Version
  • Added list of all available reports.
  • Added Excel type spreadsheet for monthly logbook verification and entry, including monthly totals.
  • Improved flight viewer form for both civilian and military flight entry.
  • Fixed instrument approach count on Navy Flight Time Summary.

Version 4.6

  • Apply any flight time or flight leg multiple to your military time for airline applications.

Version 4.5

  • Improved PDA import to fix possible problem where only one record was imported at a time.
  • Modified Navy and Civilian Flight time summaries to include count of flight legs.
  • Added Custom fields that the user can add, modify or delete (e.g. NVG)
  • Added ATP Application worksheet

Version 4.3

  • Custom Fields for NVG (LL & HL) now available. 
  • Fixes extra day in Instx calculation in compliance with 3710.7S (Thanks Izzy!)
  • Added "Time In Model" to goal calculator
  • Data file back up capability.
  • Registered Users now have their name on each report.
  • Stanx flight time calculator, pick any date.
  • Updated Help File.

Version 4.2 and earlier

  • Complete breakout of time in each aircraft category: airplane; rotary wing; glider or airship if you wish!!
  • Sample database included to familiarize you with features and report content. Just click a button to delete and start your own.
  • Import data from your PalmOS PDA/Handheld computer! See the PDA link above for more info and downloads.
  • CQ currency requirements IAW LSO NATOPS.
  • Stan Check and Instrument Check reminders.
  • NATOPS and Instrument check data only a click away.
  • Customized list of frequently flown Buno/modex
    • Designate aircraft side numbers in your custom list as detachment aircraft to ease data entry
  • Track simulator time.
  • Major Airline Applications
  • Improved Help File
  • Use the Goal page to find out how long until you reach flight time or trap goals using past averages or how much you need to fly to make it by a certain date. Choose: Total Time; A/C Cmdr; Day or Night Traps; Actual or Simulated Instrument; XC; Instructor; or Night time.
  • Instant review of Instrument time and approaches for currency from last Instrument Check or for last 12 months.
  • Logging flight time flow chart
  • Pop-Up Calendar for date entry.
  • Easy import from Excel function
    • Unlimited rows on spreadsheets
    • Unlimited number of sheets
    • Two methods for instrument approaches: traditional if you used number and type (1,2,A,B) approach and alternate if you categorized by type (Actual Precision, Actual Non-precision, etc.)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Simulator Yellow Sheet buno lock out.
  • Fixed link to Instrument Check Word doc.
  • Fixed Update version on website.


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