Logbook Feedback

Your feedback is import in the continual development of this program and to insure that it works smoothly for you. 

If you have questions regarding the program:

  • Please consult the help file included by clicking Show.Help. 
  • You can also click F1 at any time and get context sensitive help on what ever you are currently working. 
  • You can also access the help file directly by opening the file: \Logbook\Logbook.hlp.
  • Consult the Frequently Asked Question list on this web site.
  • Check the discussion group at http://www.navalaviator.net/readyroom/
  • Post your question to the discussion group.
  • Last resort: email your questions to: logbook@navalaviator.net
  • Please include reference to Logbook Program in the subject line.  Include the version number, Full or Access version, which Access version you're using and be as specific as possible on where the error occurred and any error messages. 

Have a suggestion for improvement?  Post it on the discussion group at http://www.navalaviator.net/readyroom/, or you just check out the forum for discussions on everything Naval Aviation.  Naval Aviator's are wanted as moderators, email the forum administrator for details and benefits.